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Have a facial once a month, beauty tips

Going through facial each month can provide you with lots of benefits. Some of which would include collagen and elastin recovery, improve the circulation of your blood vessels, even out your skin color, improve hydration, and improve skin tone. It can also make your skin soft and radiant.
10 beauty tips and tricks
Yellow nails are not something that you can be proud of. Thus, if you have them, you can simply make use of a homemade whitening bath for it. All you need to do is to mix enough lemon juice and rose petals into a bowl of clean water and dip your hands into it.
Weight loss tips: The whole 8 glasses a day rule is really something you should strive for. The best way to do this to measure your water intakes is to buy a jug from the drug store or grocery that is designed to hold exactly 8 glasses of water.