How to choose correct paint for your home in Dubai?

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    If you have minimal knowledge, about choosing paint quality and paint colors, then, I hope this article will be helpful for you. There is various kind of painting services in Dubai. We will suggest you, choose correct paint for your home in Dubai.

    Someone wants it before moving in; someone wants after move out. Sometimes, its the landlord who has to do the painting, sometimes its the apartment or villa owner, who wants to get it painted before moving in.

    The budget also matters the most, for any wall painting services. There is a couple of paint quality, where the price varies. There are instances when people want the cheapest option, and they don’t choose correct paint for your home in Dubai.

    The copolymer emulsion
    The acrylic copolymer emulsion
    The pure acrylic emulsion.
    Price Variation in Paints.
    Point 1: The more Acrylic content, the more price it is. The cost varies because of the volume of solids in a copolymer emulsion is less of Acrylic, and so on so forth.
    The pure acrylic emulsion, once applied adequately, looks the best, comparing others.

    Usually, the pure acrylic emulsion is expensive than the other paint varieties.

    Point 2: Usually, all the paint comes in standard color, i.e., White/ Off White. The base is always white with Zero VOC Paints. The price indeed jumps on adding colors to it.

    Point 3: In general, we usually get a problem free walls, without any deviation or waviness. If at all, the wall has a problem, then the working hour increases, and that increases the painting cost.

    The problem becomes noticeable, when someone goes for Silk Finish, instead of Matt Finish. We recommend, Matt Finish Paints if want has deviation or waviness.

    Points to be noted while opting for interior wall painting services in Dubai.
    When you get a price variation for the same painting services in Dubai, you must ask the contractor, what paint he is going to use? Not a paint brand. Because the drums, almost look the same, but there might be quality variations.

    We are a Home renovation company in Dubai, and the above article is purely based on my experience.

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